Unleash the Power of Your Smile!

Neisha Weston

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you of the professional orthodontic service I received from Dr. Kevin Bakar. He treated me from 2012 to 2014 and I am very happy with my new smile and comfortable bite!

Dr Bakar’s great final results have shown me that not all orthodontic treatment is the same. I had previously been in orthodontic treatment with another orthodontist but always felt that my final smile and bite were not quite right. My first time with braces at an office outside of California had left me with a severe overbite. Once I moved to California, I decided to get a second opinion and undergo orthodontic treatment with Dr. Bakar.
From the beginning he was very professional. He asked me what I expected and he explained what his plans were for my treatment. Dr. Bakar and I both understood that my poor bite and severe overbite were issues that needed to be rectified.
During our first meeting, he configured the lower wire so he could fine tune my alignment. He handled all my visits with precision and focus. The visits continued with the assignment of wearing my rubber bands all the time.
I visited with Dr. Bakar every four weeks and did not miss any appointments and neither did he. He always had a professional disposition and was in a good mood. After a year of routine visits, Dr. Bakar wanted to start applying other techniques for a look that we both desired. So in the spring of 2013, Dr. Bakar fitted me for a custom appliance he designed specifically for me to further correct my bite. I had to wear this for two months which was not bad, all the while I was still wearing elastics.
A few months after the appliance was removed, Dr. Bakar increased my visits to every two to three weeks. My bands started becoming tighter with his attention to detail.

By the end of my treatment I was wearing two bands on each side of my mouth. Dr. Bakar said my braces would be off before Valentines 2014, however, on my last visit in December 2013; he was pleased with the results and decided to remove my braces. On the very same day I received my temporary retainer. On my following visit I received my final retainer.

I had two orthodontists before Dr. Bakar and I have been most pleased with his professionalism and workmanship. I saw how Dr. Bakar treated his other patients with the same proficiency.
I highly recommend Dr. Bakar and have witnessed how he cares for patients, works a busy orthodontic office, all the while maintaining his work ethic.


Neisha Weston